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Validator. The proven solution that significantly reduces validation time. Results guaranteed.

Validator is built by validation professionals with over twenty-five years of experience in health care and related industries.

Validator is an industry leading compliance solution. It is a true content management system that allows companies to automate the entire lifecycle of validation, for any type of validation project.

  • How much does Validator cost?
    Here are the main factors that determine total investment: How many users will use the software? How many instances are required (DEV, TEST, PROD)? How much training and support is needed? Do you require an on-premise solution or a SaaS solution? How many sites world wide would require access
  • Is Validator Windows based or Web based?
    Validator is a web-based solution and it is truly thin client. This means that users only need to have a web browser installed on their machines in order to access the software. Currently Validator is supported on the Google Chrome browser for best results. We are currently looking to add Microsoft Edge to our list of supported browsers.
  • What technology was used to create Validator?
    The Validator software application is written in Microsoft ASP .Net. Microsoft ASP .Net is the most widely used, commercially available development environment in the world. Microsoft SQL Server is used for the database.
  • How often is there a major upgrade for Validator?
    Compliance Associates typically releases a major upgrade to Validator software every 24-30 months. All Compliance Associates customers on annual maintenance receive the latest Validator software upgrades to their existing licensed modules at no additional cost.
  • How long does it take to Implement Validator
    Depending on customer internal resource availability, most Validator software implementation takes approximate 4-6 weeks. Compliance Associates have implementation plans (including validation packages) that ensure efficient implementation and deployment.
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Licensing Plans




Perfect for small companies

Any number of licenses

Named user licenses only

Minimum 1 year contract

Cloud Install



Validator Multi-Flex License


Medium and Large companies

Flexible Volumes, Multi-use Modules

Concurrent license model

Global Site Access

On Premise

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