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Validation & GMP University, Toronto

November 7/8, 2022, King Edward Hotel

Knowledge Exchange Network (KENX) is extremely excited to announce Validation & GMP University in Canada this November! This is our first event in Toronto, Canada.  Do not miss this opportunity to network with leading experts and like-minded colleagues leading the charge for best practices in validating processes, cleaning, equipment, facilities, utilities, quality systems & metrics, change control, risk management, inspections and so much more! Participants can create their own experience by choosing from over fifty tutorials and benefit from the wealth of knowledge that will have immediate impact on their professional development and organizations.

Process Validation

  • Master Risk-based, 3-Stage Process Validation

  • How to Drive a Risk-based IQ, OQ, and PQ Approach

  • Critical Utility Qualification – HVAC, Water and Process Gasses

Cleaning Validation

  • Establish Cleaning Residue Limits and Acceptance Criteria

  • Learn How to Validate Visual Inspection Systems

  • Hot Topics in Cleaning – Stainless Steel Equipment Maintenance and Air Liquid Interface Rings

Computer System Validation & Software Assurance

  • Modernize Software Validation and Risk Assessments

  • Tips for Transitioning Current CSV Program to Align with FDA’s Computer Software Assurance Guidance

  • Critical Thinking and the CSA Movement – Rethinking Your Approach to Technology


  • Data Integrity Compliance

  • Quality Metrics & Systems Management

  • Change Control & Risk Management

Regulatory Compliance

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