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Validator on its own is a powerful tool and pre-configured for project creation, document building and workflow right out of the box. However, if you want to get an extra edge and realize even more savings of time and cost, you can have a project ready to go using packages from our Validator Package Library. A Validator Validation Package is composed of all the documentation and testing procedures your organization needs to perform a comprehensive validation of a given technology. The Validator Package Library is a combination of Validation suits created for the most common technologies in the industry. These packages have been created based on numerous years of experience and to best practices. Listed below is a sample of the many packages that Compliance Associates can deploy along with Validator. If you have a specific request that is not in the list we’re happy to explore the options with you.

  • elproLOG
  • MfgPro eB2.1
  • VM-Ware
  • Watson LIMS
  • Labware LIMS
  • AA WinLab
  • MP2 Access 2000
  • Empower
  • TotalChrom Workstation
  • Chemstatoin
  • Vision
  • Provantis
  • WinLab32
  • Analyst
  • Empower
  • SyteLine ERP
  • SAP
  • ClinPlus
  • Elpro Monitoring System
  • LabDAQ LIS System
  • LSI Telemetry System
  • Reichert Auto Tonometer/Pachymeter
  • SAS
  • Zinc MAPS
  • NextDocs
  • Sample Manager

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