India’s Largest Pharmaceutical Company Chooses Compliance Associates

December 6, 2017 by

TORONTO, Canada, November 27, 2017 — Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. of Mumbai, India, has selected Validator, from Toronto-based Compliance Associates, to automate and digitize its compliance processes. The selection was made through an evaluation of Validator and four competitive solutions, with the goal of speeding processes, improving report integrity and enhancing collaboration around regulatory compliance across nearly 90 locations worldwide. Sun Pharmaceuticals is the largest pharmaceutical company in India and 5 th largest in the world with manufacturing plants, offices and R&D labs spanning the globe. The solution met the company’s requirements of being web- and content-based, easy to use for all levels of expertise, and able to integrate with its existing quality management systems (QMS), said Sachin Bhandari, global head of computerized systems compliance at Sun Pharmaceuticals. “Validator will allow us to turn our former manual, physical documentation processes into more efficient automated, electronic ones,” Sachin Bhandari said. “Rather than the printing and rescanning documents six or more times across our offices and facilities worldwide, a process that takes days to weeks, we will now be able to share and approve compliance reports in minutes.” Validator is an industry leading compliance solution. A true content management system, it allows companies to automate the entire lifecycle of validation, for any type of validation project. The solution is web-based for accessibility…

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Continuous Manufacturing: Future is Here

For Improved Quality in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, a cleaner, flexible, and more efficient manufacturing practice is here and it is called continuous manufacturing.   Traditional manufacturing practice in Pharmaceutical is known as “batch” manufacturing, a process that manufacturing experts from the 1950s would easily recognize.   The unique benefits of continuous manufacturing is integrated processing with fewer steps, smaller equipment and facilities, and real-time continuous product quality monitoring.  Contributing to reduce costs, improved product supply reliability, and a smaller ecological foot print. Continuous Manufacturing is also consistent with FDA Guidelines on Process Validation using Quality by Design principals.  (see our blog on FDA Guidelines on Process Validation: Then…

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